A two handed sword crafted in a workshop.

Weapons are a primary mechanic in Biomutant. The player will start out with a simple sword, and can craft additional weapons later on in the game. Weapons are either wielded with one or two hands. Players can craft both melee and projectile weapons, with melee weapons being either a slicing, crushing, or piercing type. Projectile weapons such as shotguns, revolvers, and rifles can be crafted as well. Materials such as Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Wood, and Meteor are used to craft the weapons in the game.

Modifications can be made to weapons as well, such as adding corkscrews or Bio-contamination vials. Bio-contamination addons will make it so that enemies are poisoned and take damage over time.

A ranged weapon.

Stats for melee weapons include Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Pierce, Range, and Durability. Ranged weapons have Fire Rate instead of Attack Speed.