New Quest Alert

An alert that appears when you get a new quest.

Quests are a main gameplay mechanic of Biomutant. When a new quest is started an alert will appear on the screen.

List of Known Quests

  1. Lupa-Lupin
  2. Avoid the Explosion
  3. Kill the Bio-Creeps
  4. The Contaminated Room
  5. Exploration
  6. Sludge Soaker
  7. The Sludge Storage
  8. The Rocka-Boom
  9. The Iron Wall
  10. The Workshop Door
  11. The Workbench
  12. The Crowbar
  13. The Sludge Pump Room
  14. The Oil Pipe
  15. Fight the Tribe
  16. A New Friend
  17. The Hidden Nono
  18. The Penzai Plant
  19. The Deadlocked Door
  20. Exit Bunker 101
  21. X Marks the Spot