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The Klonkfist is a metal gauntlet players can pick up in Biomutant. It can be charged, and then used to knock open such things as heavy doors. It can also be used as a weapon in melee combat. When you first encounter a Level 2 wall, the Side Quest The Klonkfist begins, which prompts you to find Klick to upgrade The Klonkfist to Level 2.

The Klonkfist is a Tool rather than a Weapon, and as such the weapon cannot be adjusted outside of Klick's upgrade, and damage remains consistent.

Unlocking The Klonkfist also unlocks the related Wung-Fu and Super Wung-Fu. The in-game combos for the Klonkfist can be found in the Close Combat: Old World Klonkfist category. The Super Wung-Fu manoeuvre is called the Klonk Bonk and jumps above enemies, using the Klonkfist to ram enemies into the ground, and is only usable during Super Wung-Fu.