Biomutant screenshot 4.jpg

The Jumbo Puff is encountered by players while completing their first task for Gizmo the Greasemonkey in Biomutant. Labeled a "World Eater", it is very large and has a shark-like head. Players fight it while in a Mkton.

The Jumbo Puff can smash through buildings. Attack include pummeling the ground with its gorilla-like arms and biting, then spitting out players. It can also use objects in its environment to attack, such as using power lines as whips.

When it spits out its tongue, players can step on it with the Mkton, then send it snapping back into its mouth to stun it for a short time. Players are eventually consumed by the Jumbo Puff and, once inside the creature, must make their way to its heart to kill it.