The character creation screen.

Character Creation is a primary element of Biomutant. You choose the body shape and thickness, fangs, fur and fur pattern, length, and other attributes of your character, and those choices affect stats for the character. For example having a thicker and heavier character will make it more resistant to damage and be able to do more damage to enemies as well, but makes the character slower, while a lighter character will do the opposite by making it faster and increase its range but take more damage and do less damage to enemies. Adding a thicker and larger head will increase the intellect of the character, making it have more energy and power for psychic abilities. The body shape selector is represented by a slider hexagon. It is possible to use natural and unrealistic fur colors for the character. You can also choose a fur pattern for the character.

Your character's stats will be shown on the right side of the screen during creation. Stats will be shown in one of six categories, strength, vitality, charisma, intellect, agility, and luck. Stats such as damage, health, energy, move speed, range, and armor will be shown in one of those groups on the right side.

There are six steps to the character creation, and a seventh to confirm the selected character.